Star Wars Battlefront VR Experience Will Be An X-Wing Mission

Sony has announced a Star Wars Battlefront VR experience will be released exclusively for Playstation VR.

A teaser for the game was shown during the EA E3 2016 press conference. Yesterday, it was announced that the experience will be a X-Wing mission developed by Criterion Games. Check out the teaser below:


Producer of Criterion Games, James Svensson said, on the Playstation blog:

“Once you look outside your ship, you’ll start to take in and appreciate the sheer magnitude of the environment in which you’re sitting. Sure, you may know that a Blockade Runner or a Star Destroyer are big, but once you’re firing at Imperial forces alongside their hulls as you maneuver around their defenses, then you’ll truly comprehend the enormity of these starships.”

The VR experience will be free to all owners of Star Wars Battlefront on Playstation 4. No release date has been announced for the game Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission. Sony has announced that Playstation VR will launch on October 13, 2016. ‘

Zachary Demag

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