Rogue One’s CGI Technology Will Affect Hollywood

Star Wars spinoff used highly innovative CGI technology to help capture the deceased and aged actors like Peter Cushin and Carrie Fisher. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Edward’s film could be changing the landscape of entertainment and media by opening up the idea of having their likeness used after their passing.

“Celebrities need to be thinking about legacy planning, which is different from estate planning,” attorney Daniel Scott explained to the  publication. “It’s the planning around that celebrity’s public persona.”Possibilities vary regarding the productions, where they were filmed, if the actor has living heirs, or left a will in place to determine such uses. There’s also the tax implications and whether revenue will be contributed to the IRS.”

However, most film contracts don’t account for the studio’s rights to use CGI technology to recreate the likeness of deceased actors or actresses. Lucasfilm has proved capable of using CGI to revive characters.

Jennifer Dougherty

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