‘The Purge: Election Year’: The Senator Is The New Target

Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for The Purge: Election Year and the video focuses on the Senator who is running for office on a platform ending the Purge once and for all. She has her own personal reasons to do this; others have personal reasons for wanting to end her. Watch the trailer:

What are her motives for wanting to end the Purge? When she was a teen, she survived the Purge while the rest of her family was killed and she is now dedicated to ending the program once and for all. Many believe that the Purge is necessary, but Senator Roan knows that it’s a way for the powerful to keep the underclass in check. The powerful people target her during this purge.

Frank Grillo, who reprises his role, is now the head of the Senator’s security detail, trying to protect her while the whole city is trying to kill her.

The Purge: Election Year opens in U.S. theaters on July 1.

Zachary Demag

CEO and Founder of Fantasy News & Entertainment. Avid Video gamer and recent college graduate.