New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Released

The Pokémon Company has released a new video showing more Pokémon, Z-Moves and Island Trials. According to the video there are certain Pokémon that thrive in the Alola region. The Exeggutor is a Grass/Dragon Pokémon and is a cross between a dinosaur and a coconut tree. Vulpix and Sandshrew are Ice Types for the Alola region. Ninetales have a more elegant form and their attack is no different. The island also has more Pokémon that can be discovered like the Oricoro Pokémon. This is a bird like animal that comes with four different styles which are the Baile Style (Fire/Flying), Pom-Pom Style (Electric/Flying), Pa’u Style (Psychic/Flying), and Sens Style (Ghost/Flying). They can also copy everyone’s dance moves. Other Pokémon that were revealed are the Minior, Gumshoos, Fomantis, and Mudbray. The Z-Moves are very powerful attacks that can be used in every battle. The Z-Move can be used when Pokémon are holding an identical stone to the Z-Stone of the trainer’s Z-Ring. Ride Pokémon is what trainers can use to travel throughout the region. For example using Charizard for flight. There is also Trial Captains as well in which Mallow specializes in Grass type, Lana specializes in water type, Sophocles specializes in electric type, and Kiawe specializes in fire type. Pokémon Sun and Moon will be out on the Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 18. Check out the video below:

Jennifer Dougherty

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