New Adventure Time DVD Coming July 12

A new Adventure Time DVD is coming out July 12, and will feature the fan-favorite episode “Card Wars”. It will also include the follow-up episode “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars” and 14 other hand-picked Adventure Time episodes. The DVD will come with an exclusive playing card for the Adventure Time tabletop card game called, Card Wars Double Tournament. The tabletop card game is coming out in August. The expected retail price for the DVD is $18.94. Check out the DVD below:

Adventure Time is a popular Cartoon Network show that started airing in 2010. It follows the adventures of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. The land of Oo is full of mutant candy people and other creatures. Finn is the last human alive and unchanged on Earth, and his dog Jake can talk and shapeshift. Adventure Time has won several awards, including four Emmy awards and a Peabody Award for Children’s Programming. The episode “Card Wars” first aired in 2012. The episode features Finn and Jake playing a card game and Jake becomes overly competitive. “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars” will air on July 7 and will feature Jake and his daughter participating in an underground Card Wars tournament.

Other episodes that will be included on the DVD are listed below:

What was Missing

Up a Tree

A Glitch is a Glitch



Everything’s Jake

The Diary





(The) Hall of Egress

Flute Spell

The Thin Yellow line

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