Modders Recreating New Doom In Old Doom

Doom’s has had a community dedicated to modding the game since its release, where players recreated everything you can imagine. Now Doom modders are recreating the newest game in Doom I & II.

The best example so far is from DBThanatos, Major Cooke, and Michaelis’ DOOM (4) for DooM project. They’re taking sprites of  Doom’s new weapons (made by a modder named Neccronixis) and recreating their functionality in Doom I and II.

Here is a video of their attempt so far:


The Doom 4 Emulation, is attempting a similar thing. Textures, sounds, music, and more were taken from the new Doom.

HorrorMovieGuy mocked up a version of Doom’s new Glory Kill system:

Released before the new Doom came out, Merser’s Sprites and Enhancements added Imps, Revenants, and Cacodemons from the new game to Brutal Doom, a mod that helped inspire the new game.

Zachary Demag

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