Medical Examiner Answers Whether Arya Should Have Succumbed To Her Wounds


Many fans of Game of Thrones felt that it would be very unlikely that Arya would have survived the wounds she received after being stabbed by the waif. Well, one Redditor named Zahn1138 decided to created a detailed analysis of the wounds and he determined that Arya should have succumbed to her wounds. The Redditor went as far as to create medical review charts of critical wounds that Game of Thrones characters have suffered in the past as a reference.


Zahn1138 acknowledges that Game of Thrones is a fantasy show and does not necessarily follow real life scenarios,. but what he found is that the show is inconsistent when compared to similar previous deaths.

Why Arya’s wounds should have killed her?

The Redditor states that Arya’s wounds are similar to the wounds that killed Talisa (Rob Stark’s wife) at the Red Wedding. He went on to says that it’s possible no major arteries were cut in Arya, but the “infection is a serious threat in Game of Thrones, as is blood loss-induced shock.”

“[Arya’s] lost a ton of blood by the time she crawls out of the water, expended herself immensely, and more importantly, irrigated her abdominal cavity with the s— of every peasant in Braavos,”  the Redditor notes. In a real situation Arya would have died from peritionitis  (an infection of the stomach lining) and septic shock.

The Redditor also states that it would not have been possible for Lady Crane to reverse Arya’s infection.

The Redditor also brought up characters who succumbed to serious infections in the past: King Robert Baratheon, who died after being gored by a bore, and Jaime Lannister, who became ill after the removal of his hand.

Zahn1138 concludes that Arya’s recovery is an example of “the writers were taking stupid pills when they devised her plotline”.


What does everyone else think about Zahn1138’s medical analysis on Arya’s injuries?

Fans who have looked at Zahn1138’s post are split in their response. Some fans agreed that she should have died. Others state that viewers really don’t know all that much about Lady Crane’s healing skills.

Some fans have even speculated that Arya put pouches of pig blood on her abdomen to trick the waif.

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