Kit Harrington Talks About Game of Thrones With Maisie Williams Over The Radio

Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington who plays Jon Snow was interrupted during BBC Radio 1’s interview recently by one of his biggest fans who is Maisie Williams. She chatted with Harrington during the radio show making dinner and party plans for the weekend. Also getting free tickets to a play Harrington is starring in which is Doctor Faustus. Williams said this on the phone:

“Oh my god. I can’t quite believe I’m here. It’s Maisie Williams.”

Williams apologized to Harrington for missing out on an appearance in Doctor Faustus, saying she had an ear infection.

“I just thought that we were such good friends that he would understand, but clearly I misjudged this whole relationship.”

Harrington also discussed how he had to lie on The Jonathan Ross Show about Jon Snow’s resurrection. He also gave a tease about his character’s future in the series. Check it out:



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