Fallout 4 Player Leaks Unreleased DLC As Mod And Gets Shut Down

Bestheda has recently been allowing a few Fallout 4 players to play unreleased DLC as part of a closed beta. Anyone who participates in the closed beta signed a non-disclosure agreement, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has followed the agreement.

Before Fallout 4’s first DLC Automatron came out back in March, spoilers for the content were floating around the internet. At the time it was not of a big deal as the DLC was not very story driven and focused more on smaller additions to the game. For the upcoming DLC Far Harbor Bethesda has become more strict in regards to leaks.

Far Harbor, the next DLC to come out for Fallout 4, is much more story driven than the previous DLC. In the addition you are asked to work on a case with your old detective friend, Nick Valentine. This makes spoilers much more of a serious problem.

Websites like 4chan and Reddit began getting screenshots from the upcoming DLC, reportedly showing shocking twists in the game. Eventually the images even found their way to YouTube. Some players went far enough as to break their non-disclosure agreement in order assure other players that Bethesda fixed many problems that previously plagued Fallout 4. One screenshot in particular, showed a mechanic called “skill checks. Another screenshot included a Harpoon Gun as well as a new vault, that Bethesda cut from the main game.

Not only have screenshots been taken that have revealed bits of the game but the entire Far Harbor DLC was uploaded to modding hub Nexus. The mod has now been taken down, but a cached version of the page tells us that, at minimum, nearly 800 people downloaded it.

Robin Scott, the owner of Nexus, told Kotaku, “[The mod] was taken down because Bethesda asked us to as it contained copyrighted material that was uploaded without permission from the original creator (in this case, Bethesda), Such actions are a flagrant breach of our well known strict rules.”


Zachary Demag

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