How Ellen DeGeneres Learned To Speak Whale For Finding Dory

The whale-speaking scenes originated in Finding Nemo and was a big hit for the film, so Pixar decided to bring it back for the next installment. Some of the whale’s speech was brought back for Finding Dory.  However, many fans enjoyed Ellen DeGeneres’s version of speaking whale more than the whale actually speaking. During a talk at Goggle with the Finding Dory cast and creators DeGeneres was asked how she learned to speak the animals language. According to Ellen it began with a vacation to Hawaii where the neighbor of the house constantly did yoga while listening to whale sounds from an album.

“I didn’t know you could buy that record, but there’s a record that just is whale sounds. And I was listening to it…and it was just the weirdest thing I’d ever seen in my life.”

DeGeneres learned about whale speech while also appreciating the sounds, and it was not hard for her to intimate the sounds for Finding Dory. DeGeneres did speak of the challenges of speaking the whale sound:

“It’s not easy…if you have to do it a lot it’s very, it’s tough on your vocal chords. You have to kind of warm up.”

During the Google talk there was a clip of the movie shown revealing another whale, a Beluga whale named Bailey. Bailey also knew how to speak Dory’s language.  Check out the video below:


Jennifer Dougherty

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