Doom Easter Eggs That Have Already Been Found

DOOM recently came out and so far the game is awesome. Much like Wolfenstein and Fallout, it’s full of Easter eggs and references to other games. Below we have gathered a list of Easter Eggs that have already been found in Doom.   

Skyrim’s Arrow to the Knee Meme

Image Credit: Dynasty

The Thumbs Up Death From Terminator 2

Video Credit: Grizwords

Vault-Tech From Fallout

Image Credit: Shinto29

Commander Keen’s Head…On A Stick

Video Credit: GameRevolution GR

DOOM 3‘s Soul Cube Weapon

Video Credit: Gamer5098

A Bejeweled-Style Mini-Game Because Of Course

Video Credit: EizenLIVE – youtube & streaming

A Mini-Game Where You…Punch Turkeys?

Video Credit: PS4Trophies

Old School Levels From The Original Games

Image Credit: IGN

The Infamous Icon of Sin From DOOM 2

Zachary Demag

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