Check Out These Disney Princesses Re-Imagined As Space Marines From Warhammer 40K

Disney princesses have been re-imagined into many different things such as X-Men, League of Legends Chracters and even velociraptors. That said they have never been re-imagined as space marines, until now.

Emre C. Deniz , an Australian game developer and illustrator, illustrated his #FemaleSpaceMarines series. In the series he placed Disney princess into Space Marine armor from Warhammer 40K.

Deniz told the Revelist that he created the series“to support people being harassed on social media [by] aggressive members of the Warhammer 40K community who felt that their ‘lore’ was threatened”. 

He also added: “The images were a symbol of merging the two most extremes of gender representation, Disney and Warhammer, into one single statement; that anyone can be a ‘Space Marine’ and no one can stop that.”

Check out the images below (and the one above):

Zachary Demag

CEO and Founder of Fantasy News & Entertainment. Avid Video gamer and recent college graduate.