Batman v Superman Review, Not The Film Fans Expected

Batman v Superman, DC Comic’s biggest names battling each other before teaming up to stop a more dangerous threat. Sounds interesting! Not really. With the film being hyped up for the last several months and the record breaking box office pre-order ticket sales, you would expect an action packed film with the biggest of DC’s characters fighting against each other. Instead the 151 minutes of film was, for the most part, underwhelming. This is not to say that the film wasn’t great.

The majority of the film centers on Lex Luthor’s plot to destroy Superman. When Luthor’s Kryptonite is hijacked by none other the vengeful Batman, the maniacal villain decides to use his resources in order to use the Kryptonian technology to create a creature to destroy Superman. After Luthor kidnaps Clark Kent’s mother, he gives Kent an offer: Kill the Batman or his mother dies. After a short battle (<5 minutes) the two become allies after discovering that their mothers share the same first name. Seeing this as a opportunity to make up for the death of his mother, Batman focuses on aiding Superman against Luthor.

After a battle ensues between Batman & Superman vs the Kryptonian alien created by Luthor, we see the death of Superman. The memorial held for the hero lasted, or at least felt like, it lasted longer the the battles themselves.

The film also felt like a lead up towards the upcoming Wonder Woman film with Gal Gadot, as well as the Aquaman movie that will feature Jason Momoa. Throughout the film we see encrypted files that Bruce Wayne stole off of Luthor’s computer which show the villain tracking superheros. The ending of the film also shows a huge nod to the upcoming Justice League Part One film coming next year with Batman telling Wonder Woman that they need to team up and gather the rest of the powered people in order to fight an impending threat.

Overall the film seemed to drag on in many ways. The length of time before we see the heroes fight allows for enough time to explain why they are fighting against each other. The buildup was not worth the wait as the action scenes seemed far to short in comparison to other parts of the film. The best parts of the film were the inclusion of Wonder Woman allowing fans to get even more excited for her upcoming film as well as Jesse Eisenberg’s performance as Lex Luthor. Eisenberg really captured the insanity that fans can expect of Luthor.

Despite being a bit underwhelming, it was definately a fun film to watch and not quite as bad as some other DC Comic films released in the past.

Overall Score:

Zachary Demag

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