Artist Creates Amazing Lifelike Movie And Video Game Characters

Having an action figure from your favorite series was always the best toy you had as a kid and while those figures did their best at capturing the looks of your favorite characters, often times they failed. Snow Corporation is a British artist who builds and modifies custom action figures. His figures look amazingly like the characters that they are ment to portray and some as so realistic it reaches the point of becoming creepy. Marvel, Resident Evil, Star Wars, Warhammer 40k, if you can think of an action figure then he has probably done it.

Below you can see a few of the action figures that he has done (via Super Punch). You can also see more of his work on his official Facebook page.

(All Images used In this post are the sole property of Snow Corporation)

STAR WARS (including Battlefront)

star wars 







(All Images used in this article are the sole property of Snow Corporation)

Zachary Demag

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