Anime NYC Will Be New York’s Newest Anime Convention

New York is getting a brand new anime convention, according to Anime News Network. The company LeftField Media announced ‘Anime NYC’ earlier today. The official website claims the convention will bring fans and publishers together for three days to explore unique exhibits, exclusive screenings, extensive panels, and appearances by creators in Japan.  The about page on the website says the convention is needed while anime and manga are currently popular in America:

“No major event championing Japanese pop culture” can be found in New York. Also “The New York Anime Festival” was incorporated into the New York Comic Con in 2012. The Anime NYC website says Japanese pop culture just does not exist for yhr anime and manga community in America. The event will be sponsored by Crunchyroll, Funimation, Viz Media and the US branch of Kinokuniya Books.

The convention takes place from November 17-19 in 2017. Tickets and additional details will be available this November.


Jennifer Dougherty

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