Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “4722 Hours” Review

In the latest episode of the hit TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we see a different side of what it is like to be stranded on a deserted planet. This episode takes place from Jemma’s point of view and recalls the events that occurred after she was sucked through the portal to the foreign planet. We see Jemma struggle to live on this foreign planet while also keeping her scientific curiosity. In the beginning of the episode she remains confident that she will be rescued and acts almost like she is on a discovery mission detailing the difference in gravity and oxygen levels. It does not take long though for Agent Simmons to go from optimistic to dehydrated and starving. When she finally finds water and begins to get comfortable she is attacked by a strange plant like creature. She frees herself by severing part of the plant off and in her starved state she eats the plant. Over the course of the episode we see her continually looking at pictures of Agent Fitz on her phone as well as talking about how long she has been stuck on this new world. Simmons becomes better at surviving including the ability to start fires, kill the rest of the plant and cook food. Just as she is completely used her new way of living she faces hears a noise and begins to walk towards it. In the process she falls into a trap and becomes unconscious. When she wakes up she realizes that she is trapped in a cage and calls out for help.  A man comes and gives her some food but doesn’t release her. It is not until Agent Simmons fakes being poisoned and attacks her captive that she becomes free. She escapes his underground home and tries to escape but he catches up to her and drags her back telling her that there is something evil about the planet. We learn that this man was a NASA astronaut named Will that was teleported through the portal along with several other astronauts years earlier and that he failed at his job which was to keep the other astronauts alive. The two soon realize that they probably won’t escape and develop feelings for each other. Then Simmons travels to the graveyard of bones where everyone who had previously passed through the portal had been killed. She keeps calm and asks what Fitz would do. She then comes up with a way to map their location and the location and time of the next portal opening using the stars and some computers brought by NASA. With the last of her phone battery she turns on the computers and determines the next location where the portal will open. After traveling several days to this location they find that a canyon separates them from making it in time. They then rig a message in a bottle and use an air compressor to launch the bottle which just misses the portal. It is at this point that they lose all hope of being saved. Finally, in the end of the episode we see the two outside trying to figure out where the next portal opening will occur when a sandstorm hits. Simmons suddenly hears Fitz calling her name and the two begin running towards the sound of Fitz’ voice. They are stopped by a mysterious creature that is thought to be what has killed everyone else that has ever been on the planet. Will then tells Simmons to go on while he faces off with the creature. Simmons is able to be saved and teleported back through the portal but the fate of Will is unknown. She now wants Fitz to help her go back through the portal and try to save Will from the desolate planet.

Overall this was a well written episode that gave a lot of detail to the events that occurred on the foreign planet that Simmons was stuck on. Despite going into a lot of detail there are still several questions that are yet to be answered such as: Did Will survive?; What was the creature that was killing everything?; How did he control the weather?, etc. Hopefully we will get answers to these questions in later episodes.

The score that this episode receives from me would be an 8 out of 10.

Jennifer Dougherty

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